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Casas Prefabricadas en España



Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Do I need to choose a park and plot first?
  • Yes, sometimes the design of the home is such to make the most of the plot.
  • Is Park Lodge Home just a different name for a mobile home?
  • No, the Park Lodge Home is hand built and of a wooden construction.
  • Can I have more than 3 bedrooms?
  • Not if the home is to be a residential home.
  • Can I have more than one French Door?
  • Yes, you can design in three max.
  • Do I keep the plan that is prepared for the home?
  • You are welcome to a copy once you have finished the design stage.
  • Is there VAT included in the price of the home?
  • Yes, mobile homes are subject to VAT but is included in the advertised price.
  • Is transport and installation included.
  • No, that depends on the parks policy and the parks location. We quote in the very beginning.

  • Can I buy a Spanish design home?
  • By all means. We have separate brochures and 4 models to choose from.
  • Is the Spanish design the same as  your County Range?
  • No, the County Range is designed on a case by case basis until we have 25 different floor plans. 
  • Is the £500 design deposit refundable?
  • Yes if a home is ordered. No if a home is not ordered after the design has been prepared.
  • Is the 35% deposit refundable?
  • 20% is refunded if the build has not exceeded floor level. 
  • Is a visit to Spain really necessary once the design has been agreed?
  • Yes, you need to see the materials you have chosen and choose furniture.
  • Can I change the design once the build has started?
  • Possibly is the answer. Depends on the changes and how far the build is.
  • Any special offers?
  • Yes, if you are willing to show the home during first 12 months we will include free air-con.